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Courts Continue to Shape Parental Status Law & U.K. Court Awards Custody to Gestational Surrogate

Legally Speaking July 18, 2016

At least four cases are working their way through state courts addressing the legal parental status and rights of former same-sex partners who have no genetic connection to the children they and their former spouse or partner had been raising. Maryland’s highest court, its Court of Appeals, reached a decision in one such case in July, Conover v. Conover. Similar cases are pending in Massachusetts, New York, and Florida.

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ASRM Announcements July 15, 2016

ASRM's website is getting better.  ASRM website will be down for maintenance on: Sunday, July17, 2016 at 5:00 am - 7:00 am Eastern Time. The ASRM and affiliate sites will be unavailable during this time.We appreciate your patience during this update. 

'Can't Get Enough of You Baby': IVF Clinic Says Vibrations from Barry White's Deep Soul Tracks 'Help Embryos to Develop'

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 12, 2016

A renowned fertility clinic has carried out a scientific study which claims musical vibrations increase the success of IVF. Songs from the late soul legend such as 'Can't get enough of you baby' have become the most streamed music through the iPods fitted in the incubators where embryos are developing.

First He Pioneered a New Way of Making Life. Now He Wants to Try it in People

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 12, 2016

The next great advance in fertility treatments may rest with five young monkeys in a lab outside of town. Each of the five carries genes from three parents instead of two, because they were conceived using a novel — and controversial — gene therapy. They seem to be completely ordinary. But researchers are watching them closely to make sure they age normally, can reproduce, and have healthy children.

1 in 8 Women Experience Infertility in The UK

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 12, 2016

One in eight women and one in 10 men in the U.K. have experienced infertility, struggling to get pregnant for at least a year, and almost half do not seek help for the problem, according to a new study.

Long Acting Reversible Contraception

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 12, 2016

The most commonly used contraceptives among adolescents are condoms, withdrawal and oral contraceptive pills. These methods are commonly chosen due to their accessibility, yet are inconsistently or incorrectly used, leading to high failure rates. Forty-three percent of unintended pregnancies are a result of inconsistent or incorrect use of contraceptives. A solution to this problem is long acting reversible contraception (LARC). LARC includes intrauterine devices (IUDs) and etonogestrel implants. LARC has been shown to be acceptable to teens and young women with higher continuation rates than short-acting methods.

FDA Amends Donor Embryo Regulations

ASRM Bulletins June 24, 2016

In a new final rule published in Wednesday’s Federal Register, FDA has amended regulations on donor eligibility, including the screening and testing of donors of particular human cells, tissues, and cellular ant tissue-based products (HCT/Ps).

U.S. House Passes Bill to Allow IVF for Wounded Veterans

ASRM Bulletins June 23, 2016

At 3:00 am this morning and in the midst of a dramatic and hours long contentious sit-in on the House floor over the gun control debate, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that would allow the Department of Veterans Affairs to begin to offer IVF services to wounded veterans.  HR 2577, is a conference report to fund Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and related agencies and is a compromise between versions of the bill passed in both the House and Senate in the previous weeks. ASRM, working with RESOLVE and a coalition of veterans organizations, successfully lobbied those Members of Congress working to draft the compromise bill and urged them to retain the IVF provision, despite opposition from conservative groups with moral objections to assisted reproductive technologies.

Louisiana Surrogacy Bill and Cases of Interest

Legally Speaking June 22, 2016

The Louisiana legislature passed a bill addressing gestational surrogacy; and Governor John Bel Edwards signed it into law on June 15th. The new law provides for enforceability of gestational carrier agreements, but only if they meet certain requirements. Among other things, the law requires that: the intended parents be a heterosexual, married couple who have undergone a background check and obtained pre-transfer court approval; no donor gametes or embryos are used to form the embryos; and no payment other than reimbursement for actual expenses (including lost wages) may be made to the gestational carrier.

ASRM Announces Appointment of New Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Sue Gitlin to Join ASRM Staff in the Fall

Press Releases May 24, 2016

Washington DC – The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) today announced the hiring of Sue Gitlin, PhD as its new Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Gitlin will join the ASRM staff in September for a transition period and fully assume her duties in 2017.

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