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Weight Loss to Improve Fertility Outcomes: How Far Should We Go?

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 16, 2014

Obesity is now a pandemic and undoubtedly the greatest burden facing health services worldwide. Twenty percent of women of childbearing age are thought to be obese. It is well-established that, in women, obesity is associated with reduced rates of ovulation, increased miscarriage rates and poor response to ovarian stimulation during assisted conception. Male fertility also appears to be similarly adversely affected with evidence of a reduced ejaculate volume, reduced sperm count and increased sperm DNA damage in obese men.

Funding One IVF Treatment Is Not The Answer For Infertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 16, 2014

The announcement that Ontario will provide new funding for in vitro fertilization (IVF) was met with praise from advocates of Ontarians seeking infertility treatment. The expanded funding will cover one cycle of IVF, and will be tied to the transfer of one embryo at a time to reduce the number of high-risk multiple births in the province.

Traces of Trauma in Sperm RNA

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 15, 2014

The offspring of mice that suffered early-life stress show signs of the disturbance their parent experienced, researchers from the University of Zurich and their colleagues have found, pointing to a potential RNA-based mechanism by which trauma may be epigenetically inherited. The team’s work was published today (April 13) in Nature Neuroscience. 

Irregular Menses Linked to High Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 15, 2014

MedicalResearch.com Interview with:  Barbara A. Cohn, Ph.D.  Women with irregular menses had a statistically significant 2.4 fold increase in risk of death due to any form ovarian cancer, and a statistically significant 3-fold increase in risk of death due to late stage serous disease.

4 Otherwise Healthy Foods Crammed With Estrogen

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 14, 2014

Estrogen has been linked to obesity and sexual dysfunction. You may want to rethink the amount of soy in your diet.

Going Solo

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 14, 2014

Jo Hartley meets three women whose longing for a baby was so great they each decided not to wait for a partner.

Doctors Successfully Implant Lab-Grown Vaginas into 4 Women

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 11, 2014

For women with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, life can be difficult. Born with an absent or underdeveloped vagina, women suffering MRKH often have difficulty experiencing a normal sex life, can fail to menstruate and sometimes cannot reproduce naturally.But now, researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have found a way to normalize life for women with severe cases of MRKH: Using patients’ own cells, they have successfully grown vaginas in a laboratory setting and implanted them into four women.

Gene Peeks: A Way to See Your Baby Before It's Conceived

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 11, 2014

For many couples looking to get pregnant, doctors may recommend that they each get tested for genetic diseases. Some expectant moms are also advised to undergo tests like an amniocentesis during their second trimester to rule out certain birth defects like Down syndrome. However, GenePeeks is a company that takes testing one step further by combining the DNA of the prospective parents to make ‘virtual babies.’

European Union Debates Initiative on Embryo Protection

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 11, 2014

A packed hearing on a petition calling for the protection of human embryos led to a rare outbreak of raucous exchanges in the European Parliament on Thursday — a sign that the battles over abortion and stem cell research that divide nations like Spain and the United States are making a serious incursion into European Union affairs.

Embryo Screening Gives Couples Hope for Healthy Pregnancy(2)

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 10, 2014

Five months into her first pregnancy, Christina Lee learned the baby she was carrying would not survive.

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